Doggie Paddle

Welcome back, folks.  March is finally here, which means Spring almost is!  Today, we’re going to look at a few characters of the canine persuasion.  A bit pressed for time this week, so not much is going to be said.

First, let’s look at Courage the Cowardly Dog.  There’s not much of him that I’ve found, but here’s a look at ‘Queen of the Black Puddle’.

Good boy, Courage.  Next time, actually use that air tank, though.

Next up, we have the dog of the English Dennis the Menace, Gnasher.  These are from ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker’.

Continuing with the same fake shark fin gag, next up, we have Frank #2 from Timothy Goes To School.  This is from ‘Taking the Plunge’.

To end today off, here’s Sneef and Sniff from The Busy World of Richard Scarry.  These are from ‘Sneef Saves the Queen’.

That’s all for today, folks.  I’ll have another dog spotlight at some point, but for now, I’ll see you next week!



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